Monday, April 2, 2012

Render test of the XYZ-RGB Dragon

This fella is the XYZ RGB "Asian Dragon", courtesy of The Stanford 3D Scanning Repository. The original file is a Stanford PLY file, which I converted to Wavefront Obj with Blender after rotating him 90 degrees around his X axis and scaling him. The OBJ file was about 230Mb, then I sent it through I tool I wrote to convert OBJ files into the format I put them into the video memory in. He has 3,609,455 vertices, 7,218,906 triangles, and 3.6M Normals, totalling 193Mb of VRAM. The first 3 Hard Drives I owned combined weren't that big. I generated per face normals, compiled a per vertex list of which faces reference which vertex, then went through that list averaging the normals to produce per vertex normals. Converting him takes about 12 seconds on my E8600 w/ DDR2, amusingly about 8 of those seconds is spent inside atof(). He renders at about 4FPS on my Nvidia GT520, Note the CPU usage up the top. Pretty good for a $30 video card if you ask me. Lets see if my current project can do something about that framerate...

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